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Orange Seal

Orange Seal

About Orange Seal

Orange Seal is the next generation of tyre sealant. Using premium latex and ‘Nanites’, Orange Seal coats the entire tyre from bead-to-bead to ensure complete protection.

Orange Seal Bead To Bead Protection

The unique Nanites enable Orange Seal to quickly and permanently seal punctures and sidewall slices far bigger than other sealants.

Orange Seal - Seals Large Puncture and Slices

The premium latex is long lasting and works effectively at extreme temperatures down to -23 degree celsius and extreme altitude. Orange Seal lasts up to 25% longer, and doesn’t create those annoying latex balls should the sealant dry out.

Thanks to the easy application injector, installing Orange Seal is a breeze. No more unseating the tyre from the rim, and spilling sealant. Simply remove the valve core, and inject the sealant straight from the bottle.

Once you’re setup, all you have to do is periodically top-up your sealant to ensure maximum protection.

See Orange Seal in action

Orange Seal

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