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About TIME

Established in France in 1987 by Roland Cattin, TIME designs, manufactures and distributes highly technical bicycle frames, pedals and accessories.
For more than twenty years, TIME has been revolutionizing the ever-changing world of modern cycling. The unique French savoir-faire and technological advances made by TIME, assert its products as industry benchmarks in the highly demanding world of cycling.

TIME products are more than simple instruments; they are creations. It is never the rider that has to adapt, it is TIME that adjusts its design to accommodate the needs of riders. A TIME incarnates the unique characteristics of its rider. The TIME passion of craftsmanship delivers mechanical perfection to all who ride them.

About TIME Pedals

For TIME, Performance and Biomechanics are inseparable.

Only by respecting the natural movements of your legs and joints, with angular and lateral float, as well as precise adjustment to the sensation or “feel” of the float, and with adjustable Q-factor Adjustment, can you decrease the risk of joint trauma and optimize performance.

A pedal must satisfy the apparently contradictory needs of the cyclist: RETENTION and RELEASE.
TIME’S mission is to hold the rider’s foot in the tightest sprints, but to release upon demand.  
The TIME concept of a wide release angle with lower spring tension, assures reliability and a progressive, fluid release without the sensation of a “hard point”.

TIME respects your anatomy and the natural movements of your legs and joints, offering you both angular float of ±5° and lateral float of 2.5 mm.
Q-Factor Adjustment: you can modify the lateral position of your foot on the pedal by 2.5 mm to position your foot closer to, or away from, the crank arm. With TIME, adjust yourself closer to your anatomy!
SENSOR: TIME offers 3 choices of the sensation of angular float within the ±5°, allowing the cyclist to personalize the “feel” of their pedals.

For an equal expenditure of energy, TIME gives you higher power output!
The efficiency of a pedal depends on its ability to transmit the rider’s power.
To optimise the transmission of pedaling effort, TIME pedals combine 3 essential characteristics:
1. Oversize pedal platform for maximum stability.
2. Minimal BioPosition to reduce the distance between the sole of the shoe and the pedal axle.
3. Extreme lightness provided by clean aesthetics, sleek profile and highly sophisticated materials.

TIME Road Pedal Technology

TIME has revolutionised automatic pedal technology by introducing Xpresso, the third generation of Iclic pedals.
Xpresso features engagement that is even quicker than the Iclic2, with pre-opening automatic engagement Xpresso is instantaneous, intuitive, without friction and most of all effortless.

Café Cleat
Ride and walk! Done with the days of wobbly walking, and the noisy cleats that click-clack and slip on the floor!

TIME monoblock café cleats are made of two materials and assure efficient ground traction. Strongly resistant to wear and tear, these cleats are independent to the functioning of the pedal.

TIME MTB Pedal Technology

A.T.A.C (Auto Tension Adjustment Concept)
The proven ATAC dual-arch retention system guarantees easy engagement and dependable release in all conditions. Low spring tension of the ATAC design causes less friction in extreme conditions, and along with an optimised release angle (13° or 17°), provides consistent entry and release, allowing MTB riding with total confidence.

When other pedals pre-release or jam, with ATAC you get quick and easy release when and only when you want it, even with mud, sand, gravel...

Mud and dirt cannot stick to the simple “open arch” engagement mechanism which is wiped clean by the cleat as you step into the ATAC pedal.

Fast Step-in
The ATAC body profile gives a wider angle of attack into a cleat engagement window that is larger than any other pedal. This is due to the width of the arches, combined with the spacing between the front and rear arches (TIME patent).

You can step into a TIME ATAC pedal faster than into any other.

The wide, stable platform of TIME ATAC pedals distributes pedaling pressure over a large area so you won’t feel a pressure point or “hotspot” under your foot. Unlike pedals without a platform, you feel secure on ATAC pedals even without being engaged.


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