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Introducing The DBinline

Author: Extra UK | Mon, 19 May 2014

Cane Creek DBinline

FLETCHER, N.C. - May 19, 2014. The latest innovation in rear suspension from Cane Creek Cycling Components was unveiled today. Introducing the much anticipated DBINLINE, the first Double Barrel shock designed specifically for shorter-travel bikes. No other shock in its class packs so much into so little - unleashing the potential of aggressive trail bikes and the riders who want to extend their limits.

The patent-pending design of DBINLINE embodies, among other core technologies, twin-tube suspension with four-way independent adjustment and Cane Creek's proprietary CS climbing system. Lighter and sleeker than preceding Double Barrels, the DBINLINE has no external reservoir, yet offers the same award-winning capabilities within a smaller shock architecture.

"I like to say we hit the DBAIR CS with a shrink ray", said Josh Coaplen, Vice President of Engineering. "We set out to bring Double Barrel performance with CS-optimized climbing damping into a smaller, lighter shock. Riders of shorter travel bikes now have access to the adjustability and control that characterizes Cane Creek suspension without paying a weight penalty," he said.

DBINLINE features include:

Twin-Tube Design. Setting the DBINLINE apart from other inline shocks, oil circulates continuously through externally adjustable shock valves. On the trail, this routing of oil translates into less fade, more control, and greater consistency.

Four-Way Independent Adjustment. Like other Double Barrel shocks, the DBINLINE offers an unparalleled range of adjustability through external adjusters that independently control each phase of damping without crossover effects.

Climb Switch (CS) Technology. When engaged, both low-speed compression and low-speed rebound damping settings are altered simultaneously to achieve improved pedal efficiency and less chassis motion while maximizing traction.

Base Tunes and the Tuning Field Guide. Cane Creek's online Tune Finder provides riders with frame-specific recommended settings based on bike geometry and rider input. From there, riders are encouraged to fine tune their suspension for personal styles and preferences using Cane Creek's Tuning Field Guide.

The addition of the DBINLINE to Cane Creek's suspension line was a natural step for a company bent on excellence, said President and CEO Scott Sonnone. "Over the last decade, Cane Creek has continued to expand our best-in-class shock offerings around the Double Barrel platform. The introduction of the DBINLINE is a critical next step in our evolution as a premier suspension company".

Learn more and see the DBINLINE in action: http://www.canecreek.com/thedisruptor

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