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Downhill performance meets… climbing efficiency

Author: Extra UK | Tue, 25 Aug 2015

DBcoil CS

Today sees the launch of Cane Creeks latest addition to the Double Barrel family. The DBcoil CS. This new damper brings together the legendary DB Coil damper and their latest technology, Climb Switch (CS) to create a linear feeling sprung shock without any compromise when climbing. Perfect for 150-170mm Endruo or Downhill riding.

What is it?
DBCOIL CS is the first coil shock to incorporate a selectable climbing mode that allows the rider to retain the advantages of a fully-suspended bike while climbing, without unwanted suspension motion. Riders on long descents can reap the performance benefits of a coil shock (small bump
compliance, heat dissipation, linear spring action through shock stroke) and then access climbing performance at the flip of a switch. CS is not your conventional pedal-platform as it adjusts both LSC and LSR. By selectively tuning both compression and extension phases when climbing, the shock maintains better traction and control while enhancing pedaling efficiency through the shock’s entire travel.

How does it work?
The Climb Switch changes the low speed damping of Double Barrel shocks in one simple switch, to optimise suspension dynamics during climbing. It does this by turning on and off a set of internal ‘climbing circuits’ that are accessed when CS is engaged. These circuits are heavily damped and
tuned specifically to limit low frequency motion of the bike’s suspension, but not to the extent that traction during climbing is sacrificed. When the rider is ready to descend, with the flip of CS, the shock returns to the traditional low-speed circuits of the DBCOIL.

How is it different?
No other coil shock on the market offers 4-way adjustability, twin-tube design and a climbing platform that completely alters the low-speed damping character of the shock. That is, DBCOIL CS changes compression and rebound damping simultaneously to mitigate unwanted chassis motion
while climbing, without compromising the traction and control one expects from a modern suspension bike. The result is better rear-end traction and connection with the trail while minimising annoying pedal-induced bob. Simply put – the rider is less fatigued and more comfortable. Traditional climbing “platforms” only deal with one half of the climbing dynamics (compression), and thus require the rider's body to respond to the minimally damped rebound forces that are common during technical climbing.

Why is it better?
The strength of DBCOIL CS lies in the award-winning performance the Double Barrel is known for with the added climbing-specific chassis damping in both compression and rebound. When the trail turns downward, the DBCOIL CS will inspire rider confidence with an unrivaled level of adjustability, control and quality.

Watch the DBcoil CS in Action

For further info on the DBcoil CS click here or visit canecreekcycling.com

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