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Brooks 150th Anniversary

Author: Extra UK | Tue, 24 May 2016

Brooks 150th Anniversary

It has been 150 years since John Boultbee Brooks first opened a workshop in Birmingham for horse harness and tackle under the family name. After the death of his horse, he discovered the bicycle and created a seat that would one day grow his workshop to become the world’s largest saddle producer until the 1960’s.

In 2016, Brooks England have planned a long list of activities to celebrate this great achievement. Included is the release of a number of 150th Anniversary Edition products. 

Brooks has created a series of their most iconic saddles resplendent in all copper frames with hand-hammered copper rivets and black leather. The models available are the classic best-selling B17, its touring counterpart the Flyer, the B67 for city bikes, the B33 for heavy duty, and the Swallow for racing, all delivered in Special Edition packaging.


B17 150th Anniversary Edition

B17 150th Anniversary Edition - Click for more info


Flyer 150th Anniversary Edition

Flyer 150th Anniversary Edition - Click for more info


B67 150th Anniversary Edition

B67 150th Anniversary Edition - Click for more info


B33 150th Anniversary Edition

B33 150th Anniversary Edition - Click for more info


Swallow 150th Anniversary Edition

Swallow 150th Anniversary Edition - Click for more info

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