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RECALL - SwissStop ExoTherm Disc Pads

Author: Extra UK | Wed, 8 Nov 2017

Rex Articoli Tecnini SA has issued a recall notice for all SwissStop EXOTherm disc brake pad models due to potential separation of the friction compound from the backplate. 

You may have a bicycle equipped with SwissStop EXOTherm disc brake pads. PLEASE STOP RIDING YOUR BIKE until you have determined that your brake pads are not part of this recall. 

This recall is being conducted with the appropriate national governing bodies. 


SwissStop EXOTherm disc brake pads - all models. 

  • SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 25 
  • SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 26 
  • SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 27 
  • SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 28 
  • SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 30 
  • SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 31 
  • SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 32 
  • SwissStop EXOTherm Disc 34 


If you have SwissStop EXOTherm brake pads, please contact your place of purchase or your bicycle dealer to arrange return and a full refund for the affected pads. All EXOTherm disc brake pads, new or used, must be returned to a SwissStop dealer for refund. 

All returns to dealers must be received by November 30, 2017. 

If you are unsure if your brake pads are part of this recall, please contact your local bicycle dealer for verification. 

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