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A new beginning for Pirelli: Scorpion MTB is the newborn range for mountain bikers

Author: Extra UK | Fri, 1 Mar 2019

Pirelli have launched a new range of mountain bike tyres to complement their existing road-focused P-Zero and Cinturato tyres..

The Scorpion MTB tyres were developed with a focus on grip and durability in all conditions from their terrain-specific tread design and SmartGRIP rubber. The exclusive SmartGRIP compound is uniquely engineered for each individual tyre, ensuring the most effective compound is used for every model across the entire collection. Furthermore, unlike other brands, the SmartGRIP compound runs throughout the tread blocks ensuring no drop in grip once the tread surface becomes worn. 

The key focus from Pirelli was to create a range of tyres that's easy for the consumer to understand and then easily select the best tyre for their intended use. The range consists of 4 tread patterns, both in 27.5" and 29" diameter, and 2.2", 2.4" and 2.6" widths. 2.2” and 2.4” widths are also available in a lite carcass option. In conjunction with the tyre width, tread height increases, allowing the rider to select the most appropriate tyre for their riding style and rim width.

Pirelli Scorpion Hard Terrain

Hard Terrain

Low profile and compact tread spacing for riding quickly and confidently over any kind of hardpack terrain.

Pirelli Scorpion Mixed Terrain

Mixed Terrain

Medium profile and tread spacing for riding quickly and confidently over a mixed and varied terrains.

Pirelli Scorpion Soft Terrain

Soft Terrain

Tall profile and widely spaced tread to cut into and grip any kind of loose and soft terrain, whether that be in wet or dry conditions.

Pirelli Scorpion Rear Terrain

Rear Specific

Medium profile and tread spacing and added traction, durability, and braking performance over a mixed variety of terrains.

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