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Extra UK secures exclusive distribution of Rockstop in the UK and Ireland

Author: Extra UK | Thu, 24 Jun 2021


Extra is to start distribution of Rockstop products for the UK and Ireland from today, 21st June 2021.

Rockstop design and manufacture high quality inserts for mountain bike tyres as well as innovative E-MTB and Carbon mountain bike frame guards.

Set at the mouth of the Duddon Valley in the Lake District is Urofoam, a 33-year-old polymer moulding company offering R&D assistance and bulk manufacturing facilities to industries such as automotive, sports, oil and. Two years ago, a group of local MTB bike riders and mechanics, frustrated with the poor quality of tubeless inserts in the market, approached Urofoam with a bold idea. Their idea was to create a robust tyre insert which protects the wheel and rim from damage without altering the ride performance. Immediately intrigued by the challenge their design team set about developing a product which allows sealant to flow freely, run lower PSI’s without increasing punctures and protecting the rims from impact strikes. After a few failed attempts and lots of testing – the tyre insert Rockstop was born.

The trend for tubeless wheels has opened a new market for impact resistant components, however, the options available are mostly cheap EVA extruded foam which performs poorly, is difficult to install and has a limited life span which raises ecological concerns in an industry keen on environmental issues.

Frameguard®, is the solution to another issue faced by E-MTB owners. With a huge increase in E-Bike sales in recent years the need to repair the factory fitted casing which cracks easily with rock strikes has also grown. Frameguard® is a tough metal-reinforced polymer moulding that stops damage to the motor/battery casing and the lower end of the downtube. The impact of rock strikes around the crank area of the frame are absorbed and dispersed, instead of being able to crack, dent or shatter. Also available is downtube protection for carbon and aluminium frames. Same design, slightly different geometry. Developed to prevent strikes and chips to the frame and paint work.

“At Rockstop we rarely find other companies who understand how stuff is actually made. But the guys at Extra really get this, so in the factory we’re all excited to work with them to get our message across to more UK riders” Cat Stables, Head Of Business Development at Rockstop

Rockstop further strengthens Extra UK’s mountain bike parts and accessories range available to dealers across the UK and Ireland.

“We are delighted to be working with Rockstop to bring their products to a wider audience and having a brand that designs and manufactures their products in the UK is a real plus. Their solution-based approach to developing products means they will only introduce something if there is a genuine gap in the market or marked improvement to what already exists that their expertise can offer. The rise in E-Bike and mountain bike sales has created a huge demand for the types of products that Rockstop develop.” Chris Yates, Rockstop Brand Manager for Extra.

The Extra sales team is now presenting the range to dealers with first stock due to be available immediately.

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