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FreshFoodBike.com delivers groceries with Burley Travoy

Author: Extra UK | Thu, 23 Feb 2012

The Travoy Burley's highly versatile bicycle trailer, delivers groceries and freshly prepared foods to residents in the Los Angeles area.

FreshFoodBike.com offers a concierge grocery shopping, sustainable grocery delivery and curbside pickup service at Whole Foods Market 3rd and Fairfax. With sponsorship from electric bike retailer IZipStore in Venice, CA, Freshfoodbike.com uses the E3 Metro eBike in tandem with the Travoy, the all-purpose and sometimes all-terrain commuter trailer, for its deliveries. The Travoy fits perfectly onto e-bikes, hitching to the seatpost or rear carry rack.


Since being introduced in 2010, the Travoy has garnered a EUROBIKE Gold Award and wide critical acclaim. The perfect accessory for all types of bike commuters, it hauls everything from a change of clothes for the office to golf clubs on a trip to the links.

FreshFoodBike.com's services are available to Los Angeles residents from UCLA to USC and many points in between. Using the Travoy and its 60 lb. carrying capacity, FreshFoodBike.com's Sustainable Delivery Concierges go where cars cannot; delivering food to an array of unique venues, like the front gate of the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater.

"It's exciting to see the Travoy being used in such a unique way," said Burley CEO Mike Coughlin. "FreshFoodBike.com offers more than the usual 'order and deliver' model and does so in a sustainable way. We are proud to be a part of this venture."

Travoy2With rising gas prices and concern for the environment, bicycle delivery service is on the rise in the US, especially in urban areas. Restaurants aren't the only businesses enjoying the benefits of bicycle delivery - local farms, entrepreneurs, and even UPS drivers are going car-free. In many cases, businesses find that using bicycles for delivery is faster and less expensive than cars. Bikes can avoid traffic jams, take shortcuts that cars cannot, and cost less to operate and maintain. A desire for local economy sustainability, environmental responsibility and bicycle awareness are also at the root of the growing trend in alternative delivery methods.

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