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Don't Know Your Fit?

Author: Extra UK | Thu, 19 Jul 2012

Since the arrival of tapered headtubes and fork steerers, the number of different headset configurations has increased almost 10 times over. This has meant identifying the proper headset to fit your bike has become quite overwhelming.

To assist with this now quite complicated task, Cane Creek have developed an online tool to assist you in identifying your headset.

Say hello to the Headset Fit Finder.

Now with over 8,000 bikes in its database, the Headset Fit Finder takes you step by step through the process of identifying your headset. And in the unlikely event that the Fit Finder dosen't list your Frame straight from the database, it will also show you what measurements from your headtube and fork steerer you need to identify the correct headset for your bike.

Cane Creek Headset Fit Finder

Now you know your fit, you can find all of our Cane Creek headsets here

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