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Yeti Racing UK - 4X Pro Tour Round 1

Author: Extra UK | Thu, 9 May 2013

4X Pro Tour


Scott Beaumont from Topeak sponsored Yeti Racing UK has been in touch to tell us about their weekend at round 1 of the 4X Pro Tour in Poland.

Here's what they had to say.

"Just back from a fantastic weekend in Poland at round 1 of the 2013 4X ProTour. The race was held in Szczawno Zdroj at one of the best 4X tracks in the world. Immaculately prepared every year, the track has it all. High speed, low speed, technical jumps and 50 foot pro line doubles. It is a challenge for all the riders, but one which they all love."

"The weekend started for us on Friday – or it was supposed to. It rained all day long and the decision was taken to cancel practice and extend it for the riders on Saturday to compensate. It was definitely the right decision and all the riders agreed."

"So Saturday arrived and we were eager to get out on the track. Finally the sunshine was out and the forecast was for a dry day. Both Dave and myself took our time as the track was drying out from the rain during the previous day. We got to grips with everything quickly and already were up to race speed. After a break for lunch, the Pro Line was opened up for those who wanted to hit it. Two 50 foot doubles that have to be jumped really precisely had been closed all morning to try and get them as dry as possible."


"I was one of the first riders over them and felt really confident. Dave, like many of the other riders chose to stick to the alternative line and carry speed around the jumps." "So it was time for qualifying. Qualifying goes in reverse order using the UCI world rankings. First up for the team was Dave. He put in a solid run with no mistakes and crossed the finish line in 2nd. An awesome ride and this was going to be enough to guarantee him his place in the finals. In the end he placed 33rd which really exceeded his expectations. An awesome ride that we were all proud of." 

"My run was third from last rider. I made a great start and put together a great lap. Crossing the finish line I wasn’t sure how quick it was but as I looked back I had gone into 1st position. Stoked. Michal Prokop was next and he just beat my time by 0.25. Finally Tomas Slavik bumped me down to third as he posted the fastest time. I was happy with 3rd though."

"So it was onto the finals. Dave’s qualifying position meant he would race Tomas Slavik in the first round – daunting for some but Dave was excited. He made a great start but got passed in the first turn and was in 3rd. Lower down the track he made a great pass to move into 2nd. He held on to the finish line and qualified with Slavik to round 2. Already this was his best result ever! In his 2nd race, Tomas Slavik and Quentin Derbier battled for the lead and checked out. They both went on to make the final so they were a pretty formidable 2nd round match. Dave finished 4th in this race, but as the only British senior category rider racing, his result of 29th overall is very impressive."


"I was feeling great. I won my first round, won my second round and won the quarter final. In the semi final Michal Prokop took gate 1, I was in 2, Jakub Riha in 3 and Felix Beckeman in 4. I made a great gate and matched Prokop on the first straight. In the first turn I dived inside but couldn’t quite pass Prokop. I settled into 2nd and held that position to the finish line. So next up it was the final. Slavik took gate 1, Prokop then took gate 4!!!!! It was a great opportunity for me and I took gate 2 with Quentin Derbier in 3. I made the best gate of my night and led the race down the first straight. Slavik then just got ahead of me over the logs and I was in 2nd. I hounded him all the way to the last straight where it all went a bit wrong. I hit a drainage pipe on the last straight and nearly went over the bars. It is a drain pipe that is sunk into the track but it gives you a kick if you take off over it. I lost a lot of speed and Prokop then started to close on me. It is a long straight and with the horsepower Prokop has, I just could not hold him off. Across the line I finished 3rd. I was gutted that I threw 2nd away, but it was just a silly mistake from me."


All images courtesy of Naked Racing

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