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Schwalbe British 4X R3 & Schwalbe Euro 4X R2

Author: Extra UK | Tue, 4 Jun 2013

Topeak sponsored Scott Beaumont has been in touch with the latest news from their weekend at Harthill Cheshire. The weekend saw the 3rd round of the Schwalbe British 4X Series, as well as round 2 of the Schwalbe Euro 4X Series.

Here's what he had to say;

Well what an amazing weekend the team has just had. We were racing at Harthill in Cheshire. On Saturday it was round 3 of the Schwalbe British 4X Series and on Sunday it was round 2 of the Schwalbe Euro 4X Series.

Starting with Saturday: Schwalbe British 4X Series round 3:

Dave was loving the track. He looked fast and confident and definitely went into this race as the favourite. He won all his motos, quarter final and semi final to move into the final. In the final he was drawn with gate 2. He made a good gate but the rider on the inside just got to the first turn in front of Dave and held him wide. Then before he knew it, in turn 2 he was bumped and banged and found himself in 4th for a brief moment. He battled into 3rd by turn 3 and set off after the 2 in front of him. A strong move in the final turn gave Dave 2nd. Always someone who wants to win, Dave was still happy with 2nd as he fought back from quite a way behind to secure 2nd. Great ride from him. Dave retains the overall series points lead at the halfway point of the series.

Yeti UK Racing - Dave

Scott again was riding fast. We would probably say as fast as he has ever been. His winter training is showing now week afterweek and he was in confident mood ahead of the race. With the World’s top 4X riders racing as well, Scott was looking for a good result.

He won all his motos and the quarter final to set up a very tough semi final against Tomas Slavik, Duncan Ferris and Nathan Parssons. Scott made the snap and took the lead, ahead of Slavik. On his way down the track Scott pulled a good lead and took the win ahead of Tomas. It was agood confidence boost and set Scott up well for the final. In the final, Scott was on gate 1, Felix Beckeman took 2, Slavik on 3 and Will Evans in 4. Scott again made a great gate and rode a strong first turn to take the lead. Will Evans made a smart pass in turn 1 and tucked in behind Boom Boom. These 2 pulled a small lead and battled all the way to the finish, but it was Scott who took the win and maximum points for his series title defence. Beating the World’s top riders, Scott deserved this win as his gates and track speed were just unreal. Great ride from him. Scott also retains the series points lead at the halfway point of the series.


Sunday: Schwalbe Euro 4X Series round 2:

In the Euro 4X Series, all riders over 18 race in the same category – Elite men. So on this day, Dave and Scott would be riding in the same race. The other change is riders qualify for this race with a single lap qualifying session followed by straight knockout competition.

Dave was up first. He rode a perfect lap and was on it. His run was good enough for 9th position, his best ever international qualifying position.

Scott was the penultimate rider to go. He was on the ragged edge and in the turn after the pro line almost crashed as he pushed hard to secure the fastest time. Crossing the finish line Scott was the fastest with just 1 rider to go. Tomas Slavik made no mistakes and just got ahead of Scott.

1st – Tomas Slavik

2nd – Scott Beaumont

3rd – Felix Beckeman

4th – Michal Prokop

9th – Dave Richardson

Onto the racing. Both Dave and Scott made it to the quarter finals with no problem. In Dave’s quarter final he was against Slavik, Tom Dowie and Beni Kistner. Dave made a good gate and was in third all the way to the last turn. He made a dive to the inside of Tom Dowie and grabbed the qualifying position. He was through to the semi final. Scott got the snap and took the win to also move into the semi final.

Semi final 1. Gate 1 was Tomas Slavik, gate 2 Michal Prokop, 3 Dave Richardson and in 4 Milan Mysik – Czech National Champion. It was Dave vs 3 Czech Republic riders! The gate dropped and Dave dived to the inside. He was in third and on Prokop’s back wheel. He hounded Prokop all the way to the finish and was so close, but just didn’t quite make it. Without doubt it was the ride of the day. Amazing.Semi final 2. Boom Boom was on 1, Felix Beckeman in 2, Duncan Ferris in 3 and Will Evans in 4. Scott missed the gate a little and got clamped down on the inside by Beckeman. Ferris then followed Felix and Scott was in third. He got his foot back into his pedal and set off in pursuit. In the last turn Scott swung wide and made the pass of the day as he swooped inside of Ferris to grab the last qualifying position.

Scott - Race

Small final. Mysik took 1, Ferris 2, Dave in 3 and Evans in 4. Dave made a good gate and slipped into 3rd in the first turn. He stayed close and rode great but just couldn’t pass the guys in front. This was enough for Dave to finish 7th which makes it his best ever international result. He was so happy and the team were absolutely stoked for him.

So it was onto the final. Slavik was in 1, Beaumont in 2, Beckeman in 3 and Prokop in 4. Scott made an ok gate but was clamped down by the 2 RSP riders in turn 1. A quick move to the outside and he carried speed in turn 2 to move into 2nd and set about chasing Tomas Slavik. Scott gained 3 or 4 bike lengths on Tomas down the track and it was all set for a last turn decider. But..... on the penultimate turn Scott swung wide to carry speed, unfortunately slipping a little and losing a bike length on Slavik. At the finish line it was close but Tomas took the win ahead of Boom Boom.

Euro Final

All in all it was a very successful weekend for the team and heading into Fort William this week for round 2 of the 4X ProTour, both riders are confident and ready for their home ProTour race.

The final thing that I haven’t mentioned is that Sunday was also Scott’s birthday. Saturday night the team threw a little party for him as a surprise and Dave Richardson presented him with an awesome birthday cake.

Boom Boom Birthday Cake

We just want to take this opportunity to thank all our team sponsors for your support. We are having our most successful season ever and we couldn’t do it without all your help. It is really appreciated.

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