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Cane Creek Introduces New Climbing Technology For DB Shocks

Author: Extra UK | Tue, 9 Jul 2013

Cane Creek Cycling Components continues to expand its suspension offering with the introduction of the “CS” climbing feature for Double Barrel shocks. The shock-mounted switch is a selectable mode that optimizes damping for climbing. Unlike conventional pedal platforms, CS provides climbing-specific low speed damping in both compression and rebound. The new design is a patent-pending extension of the Double Barrel's unique twin tube technology. For the rider, this means best in class uphill performance while maintaining the acclaimed descending prowess and rider-based tuning for which the Double Barrel is known.

Cane Creek DBair CSCane Creek's goal with CS was to provide a climbing mode that allows riders to utilize the full benefits of suspension. "Until Cane Creek developed CS, pedal platforms have only dealt with half of the climbing dynamics (low speed compression), which is an
Inherent compromise,” commented Josh Coaplen, VP of Engineering.“ A rider is subject to both compression and extension forces and must physically respond to both when climbing. The advantage of stabilizing the suspension during all phases of the shock’s travel is greater traction and power transfer with less fatigue.”

The CS feature modifies the Double Barrel shock to include two selectable damping circuits. By changing the position of the Climb Switch, the rider chooses which circuit is active. Circuit 1 has the same external adjustability and performance as standard Double Barrel shocks and is tuned via LSC, LSR, HSC and HSR. Damping circuit 2 is tuned specifically for climbing and completely alters the low-speed damping characteristics of the shock by changing compression and rebound settings simultaneously. This adjustment mitigates unwanted chassis motion while climbing
Without compromising the traction and control one expects from a modern suspension bike.

Cane Creek DBair CS Adjusters

"Nearly a decade ago, Cane Creek recognized the opportunity to advance mountain bike suspension through the introduction of twin tube technology." Scott Sonnone, President and CEO stated. "The development of CS continues to build on this core foundation and will play an important role in our plans going forward." Cane Creek shocks with CS will be available to the public in September 2013.

Learn more at www.canecreek.com

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