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Introducing Volta

Author: Extra UK | Wed, 19 Feb 2014

Volta R1 BlackVolta R1 White Side


fi'zi:k has extended its already large range of saddles with the VOLTA. While entirely new, the VOLTA borrows from the past in one important way - the shape. During the development of fi'zi:k's saddle range, its designers found that a significant number of riders were sticking with classic, deep-sided saddles built to designs that date from the 1970s and 80s. With its goal to provide a range of saddle shapes to suit all riders, fi'zi:k set out to develop a new saddle that would give the feel of the classics with a modern look while utilising contemporary technology.

The classic lines VOLTA is the result.

fi'zi:k found that the classic saddles all had a very similar deep U-shaped cross section, with the shape across the saddle varying very little between designs. fi'zi:k's analysis found that the curve across the saddles varied by less than 5%, giving the designers a starting point for the design of the VOLTA. While the shape of the VOLTA is derived from classic racing saddles, the appearance is strikingly modern. fi'zi:k has maintained the deep sides of the older saddles, but refined the rest of the shape to produce a saddle that looks at home on the most high-tech bikes.

The technology within

There's plenty of technology in the saddle itself, too. The top of the range VOLTA R1 has a Twin Flex shell constructed of two layers. The inner core is 0.7mm thick Kevlar-reinforced carbon fibre, with a layer of carbon bonded on top. The combination of materials gives a strong, stable saddle that has just enough flex for optimum comfort. Comfort and strength are further enhanced by the one-piece carbon fibre Mobius Rail, an endless saddle rail construction that eliminates the possibility of popping off a rail in the event of a crash. The stiff Mobius Rail contributes to comfort by ensuring solid support at the ends of the saddle, allowing the slightly flexible shell to act a little like a hammock. The VOLTA R1 weighs just 165g and is available in two colours. There's also a VOLTA R3 with alloy k:ium rails and a fiberglass/thermoplastic Twin Flex shell - it's a little heavier but will attract with its competitive price.

Fizik Volta R1 Braided White

Fizik Volta R1 Braided Black

Volta R1 Braided - SRP £219.99

Volta R3 White KiumVolta R3 Black Kium

Volta R3 Kium - SRP £139.99

The full range of Volta saddles will be available in the UK before the end of February.

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